Proper Usage & Handling

Below are general guidelines on how to use, handle, and store exhibit materials.


The Exhibit Kit is available to faculty and staff only. Students are not eligible to reserve the kit.

Table coverings are placed on top of a table that would be provided by you or the exhibit hall.

Vertical banners come with adjustable stands that can be sized according to your specific needs.

Horizontal banners can be displayed using a pole, fishing wire, and/or hooks. Do not use staples, push pins, tape, Velcro, or any other material that could damage the banners.

Podium signs are affixed using Velcro and should be used whenever there is a possibility that media will be attending. Podium drapes are displayed over the front of the podium and provides a more festive atmosphere.

Media backdrops can be used for media events. The backdrop comes with an adjustable stand that can be sized according to your specific needs.


  • Handle fabric in a clean area with clean hands.
  • Protect the materials from harsh weather.
  • Never put fabric away while it is damp.
  • Never place the material where the wind will whip it against rough surfaces, tree branches, wires, cables, etc.
  • Keep all food and beverages away from the materials.
  • If the materials are returned damaged, they will be replaced at your unit's expense.
  • You are not responsible for cleaning the materials; however, if materials are brought back in an unsatisfactory manner, your unit will have to pay for cleaning.


  • All materials should be stored in the manner in which they are received.